Student Senate/Trustee Application

Student Senate/Trustee Application

The Center for Student Involvement is excited that you are interested in joining the Student Senate! Please complete this form to apply to be a Student Senator or Student Trustee. The Student Senate Advisor will reach out to you once your application has been reviewed. If your application meets the necessary standards, you will be emailed a confirmation that you are on the election ballot. The student body will then vote for the senators.

Description of Senator position:

The Student Senate is made up of 10 Student Senators. These Senators responsible allocate activity fees, charter clubs and organizations, and act on behalf of the student body's best interest. The senators represent the student voice on committees with campus faculty and staff, at meetings with college administrators, and at conferences with other SUNY colleges. Any currently enrolled student in good academic and disciplinary standing (2.0 minimum semester GPA and CGPA required) may run for office. Senators must maintain 6 credits each semester to remain in their role.

Key Responsibilities
-Hold a governance committee position and report back to the Student Senate after committee meetings
-Meet the attendance requirements outlined in the bylaws for Senate meetings each week and serve as a voting member of the Student Senate
-Maintain an accurate record of all senate happenings.
-Hold one office hour a week in the Senate office at either Newburgh or Middletown campus to address questions and concerns of the student body.

The Student Trustee is one of ten members of the SUNY Orange
Board of Trustees. The SUNY Orange Board of Trustees is charged with the overall
responsibility of governing the college through policy development, long-range planning,
and fiscal management.
Five trustees are appointed by the Orange County Executive with the approval of the
County Legislature, and four by the Governor of the State of New York. The Student
Trustee is selected by the Student Association through a campus-wide vote.
All trustees serve for seven years except for the student trustee who serves for one year.
Selection: The Student Trustee is selected by college-wide vote every Spring to serve
one term for the following academic year (August-May). Any currently-enrolled SUNY
Orange student in good academic and disciplinary standing is eligible to run. You must be able to attend ALL board of trustee meetings. Meetings are generally held on Wednesdays around 5pm.

Key Responsibilities:
-Serve as the student voice in all Board matters
-Communicate regularly with the Student Senate, keeping the Senators apprised of Board
activities and sharing student concerns and feedback with fellow Board members
-Attend monthly Board of Trustee meetings
-Serve on one Board committees

Applications are due Wednesday Sept 13th by 5pm.
Elections are 9/14-9/15. The ballot will be emailed to all students.